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February, 2022

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  • NVF appoints Achim Ludik as the NVF Beach Volleyball Director..
  • CVA and FNVA to host elective congress before kickoff of the 2022 volleyball season..
January 2024

MTC and NVF signed a N$ 3 million sponsorship agreement that will revolutionize volleyball in the country. We are grateful for this new partnership of its kind .
September 2022

FIVB Instructor with the NVF Exco

The FIVB Instructor/Coach, Mr Shailen Ramdoo visited the Namibia Sports Commission today where he briefed the Chief Administrator, Mr Freddy Mwiya the purpose of his visit to Namibia. He will be visiting the National Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Sports, Youth and National Service next week for the same purpose. He will be in the country for 3 months identifying national team talents and capacitating the local coaches while raising the standard of players in both indoor and beach volleyball. Mr Ramdoo was accompanied by the NVF Technical Director and the Development Director Mr Joseph Amakali and Ms Wendy Nailonga respectively.

September 2022

KSSR school league in the capital.
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